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Heaps of feed growth! ideas and the caption contest The truth is out there

Posted by tom klein July 16, 2008 at 1:13 pmweekly

Congratulations to the first feed growth! caption cartoon winner, Frances. Her name will go down in the annals of feed growth! history… at least, for this week. Check out her contribution below:

Do you think you can do better than Frances? We’ve raised the bar and will award the next winner a $25 iTunes gift certificate. Try your hand at this week’s John Nelson cartoon, found at the top of this post.

If you are unsure how to work our commenting plug-in, check out this sweet little screencast we created to demonstrate the process.

You can’t win if you don’t play. No limit on the number of entries.

We will review all submissions and feature the winner on the next time around.

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18 Comments on “The truth is out there”

  1. Hmm, those workouts must be working - I'm feeling lighter already.

    Show Image Tom Klein posted on
  2. Where is Mr. Spock? Isn't this from Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home?

    Show Image Bob posted on
  3. Sure, Ralph, give him the fin. That will help this situation.

    Show Image Maggie posted on
  4. This is going to hurt...

    Show Image Pete Santora posted on
  5. I always seem to have some weird out of water experience whenever I take Ambien . . .

    Show Image Tom Klein posted on
  6. That is a lawyer's fishing expedition if ever I've seen one!

    Show Image B. Burnette posted on
  7. 'Deadliest Catch' my space saucer. This is a snap!

    Show Image tyler bagley posted on
  8. "Every time I get out, they keep pulling me back in."

    Show Image marcus.rosentrater posted on
  9. Greenpeace: public enemy #1

    Show Image marcus.rosentrater posted on
  10. Just you wait! When I get in there, I'm going to go Jaws on your a**!

    Show Image Ben Clark posted on
  11. Once you fish with a tractor beam, you'll never go back.

    Show Image tom klein posted on
  12. So it's not "ONLY little fish in a big sea?"...

    Show Image Ben Price posted on
  13. Bud.... Weis...... Errrrrrrrrr.

    Show Image Jimbo posted on
  14. Boat or no boat, they will see why it is called the "poop deck"

    Show Image Francey Pants posted on
  15. I cannot believe you've never had sushi!

    Show Image tyler posted on
  16. This must be karma for all of the hooks I've stripped

    Show Image Ryan posted on
  17. Opening August 2008 - JAWS 5, In Outer Space

    Show Image Martin Brody posted on
  18. Big day today, I love fishies!

    Show Image Vishi posted on

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