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Trunk space A winter weekly to keep you warm

Posted by maggie.hunsucker December 5, 2008 at 1:51 pmweekly

Remember the innocent elephant jokes of our youth? You know the ones – What do elephants do for laughs? (Tell bad people jokes) or What do you call an elephant with a machine gun? (Sir).

A natural lead-in into this week’s caption contest, where we encourage child-like humor and abandon, but usually reward the opposite. Our new cartoon – Trunk Space – can be found at the top of this entry (email subscribers can click on “Read Full Post”). The winning caption receives a $30 iTunes gift certificate and their name in big beautiful orange font, like this week’s winner, JR Gunderson, whose caption appears below:

While JR may need an overview of the subjunctive, his caption was the most captivating.

This may be your last chance to win a weekly caption contest in 2008, so submit your entries now (yes, you can submit more than one).

P.S. Don’t forget to submit an entry to Check My Bait. Now that the holiday season is upon us, we expect to be assaulted with some of the best worst advertising out there. While there’s no iTunes prize for Check My Bait, we believe mocking bad ads is a gift in and of itself.

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12 Comments on “A winter weekly to keep you warm”

  1. "Careful boys" "you don't know where that's been" "Sure I do, look at the stickers on the trunk"

    Show Image Dan posted on
  2. Ahoy there. These fish bite!

    Show Image Vishi posted on
  3. Guess this is how they fish in the Indian Ocean, eh? Wonder how it will work here on Lake Bemidji...

    Show Image Bob posted on
  4. [...] for submission to our cartoon, Trunk Space, is 9am, Wednesday January 7th, and we will publish the best caption that [...] It’s the end of a caption contest and the beginning of a new year | feed growth! posted on
  5. Come on, during the fishing bet neither of you mentioned anything about an elephant...

    Show Image Jess posted on
  6. Fishes?! Hello?! Well, there's something you don't see every day...

    Show Image Jess posted on
  7. "... and i drink *your* milkshake,"

    Show Image J.R. posted on
  8. Hey there! Isn't that a little risky? Wait, where did all the fish go?

    Show Image Shane posted on
  9. I can't hear you guys from up here but there's no need to panic! If the ice breaks, the elephant can swim!

    Show Image Jess posted on
  10. Susan, take the kids back to the Tell them to hold it.

    Show Image maggie.hunsucker posted on
  11. Rhinoplasty done dirt cheap.

    Show Image Dana Lindsay posted on
  12. RHINOPLASTIES done dirt cheap!

    Show Image Dana Lindsay posted on

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