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Posted by tom klein May 30, 2008

Keeping your finger on the pulse of an industry is no easy task – especially when it comes to search marketing. You can easily spend more time sifting through data than gaining true insight.

One good way is to plug into a community of insiders, like Sphinn. It’s similar to Digg but geared to search and interactive marketers. It provides a space to share and discover news articles and blogs, and lets the community sphinn it! (vote) on the most relevant topics, which appear on the homepage. You can filter discussions by category as well. Let’s say you only want to focus on Google. Sphinn breaks down all Google content into individual service offerings. So whether it’s Google Adwords or general Google SEO, so you can hone in on content that matters to you.

Sphinn is an easy way to learn about search marketing and to see what one segment of the community is talking about.

Sphinn isn't for dummies - it's reasonably hard-core. The site is connected with the well-known blog that speaks to all things search - search engine land.

If you want to figure out how to find customers when they're actually looking for the solution that you're offering, it's going to be hard to beat search. Where do you look if you've a problem you can't solve?


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