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Posted by maggie.hunsucker February 4, 2009

widgetbox-logoLet’s face it.  Your target audience isn’t going to happen upon your site or blog.  You need to invest in the right promotional tools.

One idea is to get a Blidget from WidgetBox.  What’s a Blidget?  Well, it’s a widget with a “b”, and it’s one of the easiest ways to create, customize, and promote your content.   Simply enter your blog’s RSS feed, then let the service walk you through a few simple steps, like choosing the color and appearance of your widget, and the title, tags, and graphics.   The process takes less than a minute, and Blidget does most of the work for you by scraping the existing content and images on your site and pre-building your widget.  When you are done, Blidget spits out a snippet of code (fyi – sites need to support Flash or JavaScript) that you can place on your site or distribute to other sites – don’t forget the real goal here is to promote your content elsewhere.

Blidget even jump-starts your marketing efforts by offering free distribution across their network.   With over 30 category-specific channels, your Blidget will be exposed to a community in the hundreds of thousands – publishers like you who are looking to trade real estate on their own site or blog to drum up traffic.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t support outside widget platforms, so we can’t show you the nifty little feed growth! widget we created. However, this screenshot shows you how easy the process is, as well as the finished product.


You can even create a Blidget out of a Flash (SWF) file, HTML (for those old-fashioned, but proactive web publishers) or JavaScript site, or Gadget.

Blidgets look clean and professional - no hack jobs here. And if you're trying to get other sites to carry your widget, it helps to give them a widget that doesn't look like an eye sore.


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