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Posted by tom klein August 8, 2007

Surprise! One of the best ways to grow sales is to just meet with a lot of customers or prospects all at once. Creating and managing events represents a core element of the marketer’s repertoire. However, events can also represent a tar pit of details and aggravation . . . something that will give you gray hair (or more of the same).

Eventbrite can help you with many of the challenging aspects of event management. First, you can use the system to create the event, including setup of tickets and acceptance of credit cards or Paypal / Google Checkout. One especially nice feature is the ability to make an invitation match your company style and carry a logo. Next, you can promote the event, including of course sending email, but also publishing the event on major search engines. Finally, you can even use the system to keep track of attendees, and even manage payment for tickets at the door.

While it rhymes with E-vite, it’s an entirely different animal. The price for all of this event management goodness? 2.5% of all ticket proceeds (maximum fee of $9.95 per event). Free events are, well, free. Wouldn’t you take on more events if they were easier to manage? Look for a feed growth! event sometime soon, managed by Eventbrite.

The most important technical hurdle here is how the system lets anyone accept credit cards for an event, without all of the normal hassles. This opens up the door to creating many events, because now you have a way to make people pay for the keg of beer - in advance.

We’re very social creatures and seem to have no limit to our desire to walk around and shmooze. While most event-driven companies put a great deal of effort into using events for prospects, don’t forget your current customers. Creating a compelling customer appreciation event will certainly show your appreciation, but may also close more deals than you imagine.


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