Swim, swap, and sweet Build your marketing network with Meetup

Posted by tom klein January 30, 2008

Marketing is rarely a large department in any company – if it exists at all. Given that, how can you find a kindred spirit or maybe find someone who has been around the block a few times?

Check out Meetup as a way to build your personal marketing (or any other kind of) network. Meetup is simply a way to meet real people. Live. In person. You know the way it had to be before the web was around. It’s a simple and easy to use way to find people who live in your neighborhood who might be interested in the same things you are. All you need to do is sign up and join a Meetup group (as they call it). This group will actually have meetings where real, live, breathing people will get together and talk about stuff.

Also, many of these groups will sponsor featured speakers on an endless variety of topics. If you’re looking for a way to help your marketers develop by cross-pollinating with others, here’s the easiest and cheapest way to make that happen.

If you’re interested in improving your knowledge of open source tools that might not have detailed documentation (we are big fans of Drupal and Joomla), you can usually find user groups for popular open source software tools who use Meetup.

There’s a reason that social networks are so popular. They really work. For a small input of time and effort, you have the chance to extract real value. This tool is just an electronic helper to a real, off-line network.


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