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Posted by tom klein September 19, 2007

The current approach to ad placement seems stuck in first gear. Should the ads run before the video (make everyone wait), during the video (distract and annoy viewers), or run after the video (and be largely ignored)? What’s an advertiser to do?

None of the above. Use VideoClix to build advertising into the video itself. Online video has a trait that TV doesn’t – it’s clickable. With VideoClix, you can make any part of a video clickable. Like the sunglasses that James Bond is wearing? Click on them and you see a mini web site that describes them and shows you how to buy them. And the video never stops moving (unless of course you want it to). This showcase of enabled videos highlights how captivating it can be to simply click to get the “behind the scenes” information about everything you see.

With this software, every video you create can carry with it rich information about everything you sell and where to buy it. Oh, and of course, since this is the web, everything your customer does with the video (what gets clicked and what doesn’t) turns into valuable data that makes you smarter for the next time around. This is your chance to turn your video content of any flavor into a real sales tool. Action!

VideoClix content can be created for video viewed on the Web, integrated into video on a DVD/CD-ROM, or even enabled for video that’s downloaded from iTunes and viewed on an iPod. Production of this content requires a video and HTML pro - it’s not really for you weekend programmers.

This technology brings a whole new meaning to product or brand placement.  Remember that art schools are filled with budding video artists who would no doubt be delighted to integrate your products or your brand in an interesting video.  Once you have the video content, you’re free to embed links to turn viewers into buyers.


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