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Posted by tom klein February 18, 2008

We wrote about the power of collaborating on the creation of a document using wikis in The dyslexic New Zealander. But these days, text and images can only get you so far.

Try the video enabled collaboration tool Kaltura to take wiki-like collaboration to the next level. While you can follow the details in this tour, all you need to do is really set up the specific page (where your shared video will reside), invite your fellow collaborators, and then upload photos, videos, and audio files. Once you have files that have been uploaded (by you or anyone in your group), you can then go to work creating and editing your final video. You can drag and drop videos and images along a time-line, in much the same way that professional video editing is done. Just as with a text-based wiki, your fellow collaborators can edit with you.

At your next big PR event, why not ask your team, interns, or just about anybody to collaborate on a summary that incorporates video and audio highlights from a group perspective? Sometimes fast and authentic is much more powerful than slick and professional.

If you’re still skeptical, you can play in this video editing sandbox (online trial edition) and actually use their video editing tool. Go ahead and play, move videos around, then hit play to see how your video comes together.

The power of this kind of collaborating tool is that you don’t have to restrict participation to a small set of people. You can open it up to large groups of people located anywhere around the world. Collaboration can mean doing - not just providing input.



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  1. You should probably check out the following link as well: this is an example of the extension kaltura created for the mediawiki platform, adding collaborative videos to wikis as well. Using this extension, any wiki can add video-wiki capabilities as well. michelle posted on
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