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Posted by tom klein January 21, 2008

We all know that no one really reads anything anymore. On the web, people skim aggressively. They definitely don’t linger over long, dense blocks of text. So, what do you do if your product or service can’t easily be summed up in an image or short description?

WebPeople can break through the clutter and explain your offering using a video spokesperson. While we all cringe at the thought of instant-on video, it doesn’t have to be horrific. For example, consider these two websites: weddingfavors.com and myweddingfavors.com. Each sells, apparently, a similar array of items. Which one do you think is more likely to close the deal? By the looks of it, when you search in Google, the answer is clear.

So, how does this work?First, create your message. Short and sweet is what you need -just enough to capture attention. Next, pick your actor from this rather extensive selection. You’ll also be able to choose wardrobe, hand gestures, and the size of the image on your site. WebPeople will manage the recording and then send you a code for your site that will make the video appear. All of this can be had for as little as $300 up front and a monthly fee of less than $200.

If you’re selling a complicated product or competing in a tough category, can you afford not to stand out?

These videos are made possible thanks to server technology that delivers your video images quickly, with only a modest delay as your site loads.

One of the fundamental rules of marketing is “be different.” By differentiating your offering, if only slightly, you have a better chance of getting your target customer to slow down long enough to get to know you.


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