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Posted by maggie.hunsucker December 17, 2008

Anyone with a new laptop has what’s needed to hold a video conference (and of course, sell!). They just might not know it.

Thanks to TokBox, a video chat platform, you can now hold video conference calls for free – and with no software or client download required. TokBox is completely web-based. Simply sign up for an account and TokBox will assign you a personal chat page. Give out the url to friends and colleagues, who can engage you in conversation or chat by clicking on the “push to talk button”. TokBox integrates will all the major chat services – AOL, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, & Google Talk – so you can communicate via video with your existing contact lists.

To activate the conference call functionality, click on the conference icon from your TokBox homepage, then choose the friends you wish to invite. Conferencing requires participants to have a TokBox account (again, the sign-up process for them is as painless as it was for you) or some other video-enabled chat service.

With TokBox, you can also send free video emails (one way to create a more engaging newsletter) or holiday greetings cards (might come in handy for you procrastinators), complete with holiday themes and costume overlays. And if you want to take your TokBox elsewhere, you can embed videos in your blog, website, or social networking profile, as simply as you would a YouTube video.

While any Joe can embed TokBox videos in their sites, developers can access the TokBox API to actually add the TokBox platform to your site or application, including video conferencing, video calls, and video mail.

Part of TokBox's allure is a simple and streamlined user interface and built-in social components. You can choose to make your videos public to the community or find friends among your fellow TokBoxers. There is also a FireFox browser add-on for Facebook, letting you voice and video chat with your Facebook friends for free, and the Twitter option lets you "tweet" your TokBox video url.



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  1. "Conferencing requires participants to have a TokBox account " Quick note: Only the person that starts a conference requires an account. Other participants can simply click on the link to join the conference, which doesn't require that they create an account. Thanks for the review. Damon Billian posted on
  2. Can TokBox record the voice conversations? ALIEN AMERICAN posted on
  3. Hi I would like to know if I can record my video calls from tokbox as I want to add it to my blog.Can I do this please. Roland Roland posted on

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