Under the microscope Create full-screen image or video shows using PicLens

Posted by tom klein February 12, 2008

If images or videos sell, then full screen images or full screen videos are likely to sell even harder. Problem is, how do you enable a full screen gallery without a lot of technical prowess or a lot of dough?

The answer is PicLens Lite. With this software, you can enable your site so that visitors see a layout of photos, but with the addition of a customizable “Start slideshow” button. When they click the button, they’re shown a slideshow, complete with user controls. If they choose, they can expand the show into a full-screen experience. There are two ways to enable the system – one is to use downloadable desktop software (PicLens Publisher) that lets you configure the pieces you need. The other is to refer to this webmaster guide for enabling more sophisticated versions, including videos.

Check out some interesting examples of how this system can turn ho hum into OMG! (travel guide, photography site). No matter what you’re selling, won’t a close-up help close the deal?

PicLens Lite works across all major browsers. The system does not require site visitors to have anything special installed, beyond the widely accessible Adobe Flash player, installed in well over 95% of web browsers.

Okay, one of our pet peeves? It’s any site that includes pictures, often of web sites or software screens that aren’t clickable, don’t get any bigger, and are just too fuzzy or far away to tell much of anything. Don’t torture your site visitors. Use systems like this one to show off your wares.


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