TV is good for you Publish video in a custom player with Brightcove

Posted by tom klein April 11, 2008

Thinking about creating some great videos to share on your site? That’s a great idea. The tough question that surfaces . . . what sort of video player should you use?

When it comes to video publishing, Brightcove offers a service you might consider. It makes it easy for you to upload and manage your video library using a web-based video platform. With so many video players, it’s easy to think that they’re all the same. However, you should consider customizing the video player. Brightcove makes it easy to customize their video player templates, giving you the ability to control everything from the video player branding to the design of the user experience.

Check out CampJam videos for an example of what a Brightcove video player can do for you. Now you can go forth and video with reckless abandon.

This system also lets you monitor online video metrics to optimize what you show your site visitors. Options range from dashboard summaries to detailed traffic and transaction data. Even when it’s video, it’s still the web (and everything is trackable).

You know how people become complete zombies when you play a video or turn on a TV? Well, this same mesmerizing effect can now take place on your website. Buy a video camera if you have the dough and start experimenting. It’s usually the most powerful way to get your point across.


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