They're heeere! Run ads in videos (including YouTube) with Google’s Invideo ads

Posted by tom klein February 22, 2008

With millions and millions of videos playing every month across the web, it seems kind of strange that almost none of them carry advertising.

This strangeness has ended because now you can run “Invideo” ads (animated overlay Flash ads) using the Google AdWords / Adsense network. There are two types of ads that can appear in videos from participating publishers or Google’s own YouTube

: first there are image overlay ads (example) that appear in the bottom 20% of the video viewing area, second there are text based pay per click ads (example) that can show in the same lower portion of the video. Seeing is believing, so check ‘em out.

The InVideo ads are sold on a CPM basis, while the text overlay ads are sold on a CPC basis. InVideo ads are currently only available to advertisers with managed (meaning big) accounts. You can sign up to learn when they’re more widely available. Don’t you think you should?

And remember - when you serve up an ad in online video, you get all of the benefits of being online - lots of trackability. For these ads, you can track impressions, clicks, clickthroughs to a landing page, as well as specific viewing behavior (such as how much of the video did the user actually see).

With so many people spending so many time watching videos, it only makes sense to serve up ads next to them. Think about what your target users might be watching online (stupid cat tricks, geeky business stuff, campaign debate snippets), and jump in to see what drives your business.


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