The real reality show Bring your PR to life with live video

Posted by tom klein July 3, 2007

Building buzz for a great event can be very difficult. Whether it’s cruising the nation in the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile or sponsoring a marathon, it can be hard to communicate the excitement or quirkiness with sound bites on the local news.

Now you can create your own buzz. Strap a camera on one or several event participants, stream the results using a site like Stickam, and you have instant coverage of your live event. Your PR events or sponsorships will be anything but boring.

This is similar to creating a video recording (as we discussed in Show me the money), but now it’s so much more exciting, and daresay risky, because it’s live. There may be mistakes and craziness, just like the actual event. If you’re investing in using PR to build excitement for your brand, why not let more people participate by broadcasting the event . . . live?

Just as with YouTube, to broadcast with Stickam, you just copy and paste a few morsels of computer code into your web site or blog where you want your live video stream to appear. From there, your live video can be viewed by virtually anyone on the web.

Remember this is the age of social networking and consumer-generated content. You don’t have to feel constrained by the need for production quality video wherever you go. From the Blair Witch Project to YouTube, we’ve learned that consumers want good content, no matter what form it comes in.


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  1. We agree 100% and have started to take steps to address the use of live video for sponsorship on our site By providing video along with an audio tag, downloads of the sponsorship information all on one page, the potential sponsor "gets it" right away. Video adds the extra ingredient so necessary to sharing an essence of the event or activity requesting the sponsorship. Jerry Lozano posted on

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