Double Feature Take advantage of video as a sales tool by using Fliqz

Posted by maggie.hunsucker January 20, 2009


Why inundate your customers with long feature lists or a block of text when you can show your product in action instead?

You can take advantage of video as a powerful sales too with Fliqz. It provides scalable and branded video solutions for companies of all sizes and needs. Simply upload video content to their system, provide tags and descriptions, and Fliqz will generate a custom link and embed codes for your site – similar to a YouTube video, but with your company identity and the ability to manage the backend. Fliqz accepts all major video formats, including .mov, .avi, .flv, .mpeg, .wmv, and mp3, so if you have a mixed bag of video and audio materials, you can store and manage them all from the same place. This service also comes with built-in marketing tools and an analytics and reporting package.

Fliqz submits your video descriptions to the major search engines, helping visitors find you content more easily, and the member pass-along tool gets viewers to promote your brand for you.

The basic Fllqz package is free and gives you a standard player, 25 video uploads, and 500 streams/month. You will have ads intermixed with your video content, but that’s tradeoff for free hosting and storage. If you’re looking to create a true customer experience with no ads, the Silver package includes a branded player, webcam functionality, and 500 uploads/ 50,000 streams a month for $199. The big kahuna Platinum package is custom all the way – custom player design, multi-player/multi-site formats, and 5,000 uploads/250,000 streams for just under a grand a month (+ development costs). In other words, a white-label solution for people with large-capacity video needs.

Video is the most engaging content delivery mechanism available…and it just got a whole lot more affordable. Even if you don’t have video content on hand, there is a wealth of video material on the web that can provide a supporting sales push for your product.

You can customize various components of your movies by working directly with the Fliqz support department (or a friendly digital scientist), such as changing video player sizes, customizing permalinks, and rating displays.

Take advantage of Fliqz video advertising network. The service offers a variety of ad formats, from overlay to pre- and post-roll, and content-specific, and can easily be integrated with DoubleClick (DART),, Atlas, and many other ad servers.


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