Everything looks like a nail Streamline project management with Twitter-like corporate tool Yammer

Posted by maggie.hunsucker December 2, 2008

These days, it might seem like a luxury to get everyone in your company in the same room.

With a service called Yammer, getting all your departments, offices, telecommuters, and contractors on the same page just got a lot easier.

Yammer is part social network, part microblogging service, part Twitter – repackaged and re-imagined for the business class. At its core, Yammer is designed to help employees share status updates; naturally, the “what are you working on?” feature, the equivalent of a Facebook status or Twitter tweet, is a key ingredient. From your Yammer homepage, you can see what all the employees in your network are working on and follow conversations and updates on individual topics in your personal feed. You can ask co-workers questions, share links and files, or track the progress of a project. Yammer archives all your company activity and topic tagging makes conversations easily searchable – a handy tool if a new employee needs to get up to speed on an active project.

Creating a Yammer account is free and easy; the service identifies workers by their email address and routes them to a private corporate network (i.e. only @feedgrowth.com addresses can join my Yammer network). Administrative tools like member and content management, as well as custom appearances (colors and logos) are available for $1/month per admin member, with bulk pricing available for larger networks.

You can sign-up for mobile Yammer and receive text message updates. The service also offers both Blackberry & iPhone applications, letting users view and post messages from their smartphone. Blackberry users can download Yammer from their mobile browser; the iPhone version is available in the App Store.

Yammer was born out of one office's necessity. They saw a hole in the market, where social networking and web 2.0 technologies didn't really address the needs of the enterprise-class, and designed Yammer as the answer. They must be on to something as Yammer took the top prize in the TechCrunch50 start-up competition.


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  1. I was doing some contract tech support for a print advertising company where everyone had an IM client (all different flavors) on their screen all day long, but no one seemed to have buddied up with the right people. Friends in different departments would chat, but have to get up to ask their boss even the simplest questions. My own "boss" was in another state; I had to have one IM client to talk with him, another for the head of the design department and a third for the local executive VP. Then a bigwig in the main office realized that for corporate reporting compliance all company communication was supposed to be archived. The email was covered, but the IMs were not. Yammer sounds like the perfect solution - archival ability, plus being able to focus workers on communicating on their projects. And strangely I've not heard of it before. Nice find. Joe posted on

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