Show me the money Use online video to power your testimonials

Posted by tom klein May 15, 2007

Are you going to scream if you have to sit through another boring, powerpoint sales presentation? Think about how your own customers feel.

Instead of the same old blurbs trapped in sales powerpoints, why don’t you get your best customers to say it for you? Webex can show you the way. Their testimonials are real, not overly rehearsed. We’ve gotten used to candid video, so you can go without the fancy and expensive video production.

The small company China Books caught a good customer at a trade show with an inexpensive video camera. You can do the same – and your sales efforts will stop putting your prospects to sleep.

The secret behind YouTube is that they made online video easy and made it look good - something we all like. You can even record directly into YouTube in a matter of minutes. More than 35 million logged on to YouTube almost 115 million times in February 2007, giving the site a 45 percent share of the Internet video market, according to Web analytics firm Compete.

Choose a testimonial from a customer that looks the most like your target. Remember that you want the testimonial to focus on your brand’s key benefits. Be sure to be prepared to ask questions that focus the conversation on what’s important - no platitudes and no rambling.



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  1. Are there any issues with getting permission from customers before featuring them in an online video? Thanks Robert Klein Director of Quality BackOffice Associates Robert Klein posted on
  2. Hey, great idea. But I agree with Robert - not sure you can use photos/videos without permission for commercial purposes. So make me look good if you want to use me.... Kevin O'Mara posted on

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