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Posted by tom klein August 22, 2008

Chances are, your sales presentations could use some help. Between the outdated technology (dial-in conference call, anyone?) and the Powerpoint assault, is it any wonder you can’t connect with your targeted buyer?

Now you can have a tool that makes it easier to integrate real video in your presentations. Kyte is a single solution for both multimedia content production and online distribution. With Kyte, you can record video with your cell phone or webcam and stream it in real-time on your website, blog, or mobile device. Kyte is a free platform and requires no prior media experience to work. Want to get credit for those pre-sales store checks? Maybe show that you’ve done your homework by showing what’s happening at your targeted client’s competitor.

To get started, create a user account and name your Kyte channel. Choose your media format (image slide-show, video, or live webcam), and upload the files to Kyte. If you choose, you can edit your materials or add a soundtrack. When your presentation is Steve Jobs-worthy, hit the broadcast button. Kyte provides you with a channel link and the embed code to put the Kyte media player and your channel on any site, even social networks like Facebook and Myspace.

Another cool feature is the ability to alter or add to your presentation as it plays live. Need to add a graph or chart after a key point? No problem. Kyte’s drag-and drop slideshow widget lets you insert text and images on the fly. Want to poll your audience on a topic or field questions? Kyte lets you do that too with an interactive polling feature and multimedia chat windows.

Looking to monetize your personal Kyte channel? Publishers can choose from the Kyte advertiser inventory and offer up display space on their channel. Choose from a pre-roll format, motion graphics, or post-roll images.

Kyte can definitely give your sales presentation some razzle dazzle , but in the end, it's all up to the speaker to hold the floor. Check out our latest minnow- Deliver a presentation like Steve Jobs - to see how the pro's give a worthwhile keynote speech.


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