Quiet on the set Put your ad on the map with Google and YouTube

Posted by tom klein April 18, 2008

Not everyone’s ready to spend millions on TV ad production and media. There’s a new alternative.

Now you can embed a YouTube video into a Google map. When your potential customers find you through Google, they can watch a video that describes your business. Here’s an easy to follow example for a San Francisco bakery.

Ideally, you have already gone ahead and set up your business in Google maps, so prospects can find you easily. If so, here’s what you need to do: simply upload your videos to YouTube and ensure that the ‘embed’ option is turned on. Then, associate your video to your business listing through the Local Business Center.

For the cost of a simple YouTube video recording, you can ensure that web searchers find your video that explains in glorious detail why they should buy from you.

We talked about this capability earlier (see the article You goob!), but it was limited to Google Earth - an application with a much smaller following than Google Maps. This is just a natural step forward and another push for everyone to get smarter about video.

Do you sell a product or service that’s difficult to explain? Want to really communicate how you’re different in a way that sells? Looking for that extra edge against your competitors? Here’s an easy to use, free tool that’s just waiting for you. Get going.


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