Batter up Put your brand assets to work in an iPhone app like MLB At Bat

Posted by maggie.hunsucker April 2, 2009


More and more applications are utilizing the iPhone’s video capabilities.  After all, you can watch YouTube and QuickTime videos directly from your phone with the same clarity and speed as your computer.

We’re impressed with the Major League Baseball’s At Bat app.  It gives baseball fans all the scores, stats, and standings they need to stay on top of the game, but what’s really special about this application is the media integration.  At Bat offers live audio coverage of each regular and postseason game, as well as access to video clips from the library.

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If you’re a company or brand sitting on a wealth of video content, take a cue from the MLB.  Media-rich applications are within most company’s reach, especially if you utilize the iPhone’s built-in YouTube capabilities.    Advertising, keynote speeches, market research – just about anything can be put up on YouTube and channeled through an iPhone app.   While you will need the development chops and the Apple SDK to create an application, you won’t have to waste time or energy embedding and streaming video content on your own. YouTube actually converts video content into an mp4 format for the iPhone user.

iPhone apps have become a marketing vehicle in their own right.  The real idea here is to look at the possibilities of the app platform and the tools that are already at your disposal, like rich-media integration.

Apple has announced that there will be new media player API's coming out with their 3.0 software release, i.e. more media options. To gain access to this information, you need to be part of the developer program.

We're eagerly awaiting an iPhone app with e-commerce capabilities. MLB At Bat would be a prime example. Imagine the sales potential if the app could link to a mobile store and let fans buy jerseys and sports memorabilia from their phone.


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