Put an egg in your shoe ... Place video ads on social networks with Videoegg

Posted by tom klein September 24, 2007

With the penetration of social networking at 96% of kids 9-17, there’s probably something they’re not doing, such as watching TV or reading the newspaper. How can you get your video advertising in front of them?

The eggnetwork by Videoegg is a video advertising network designed specifically for social networking sites. Ads show up as “tickers” (regular and super size) at the bottom portion of video. When viewers click on the ticker, they see your video ad (while pausing what they were watching). One good thing – it’s easy to make the ad disappear if you’re not interested.

Advertisers from Hot Pockets (Nestle) to Verizon (see the demo page) are putting these video ads to work. If you want your video ads to run on social networks such as one of our favorites, Dogster – here’s the way to do it.

This ad network extends to more than 80 social networking sites and serves up approximately 22 million videos every day. When you check out the video ads, note how when you click on the menu in the corner, you can grab the video so you can put it on your own site.

If you’re a TV advertiser, here’s a great way to reach an attractive audience. Remember that on the web you don’t just have to stop at running a video. You can attract viewers to your site, then maybe even sell them something while they’re there.


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  1. Thanks for mentioning us! The Videoegg ads are fun, and we're happy to have them. One of my favorite videos on Dogster is this one: http://www.dogster.com/video/139432/Playing_football_basenji_style Woof! Patty Nason posted on

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