Tastes great, eh? Place and track video ads with YuMe

Posted by tom klein June 18, 2008

Ready to make the leap beyond those old text and display ads? Maybe it’s time to dip your toe into video ads.

If you’re wondering where to go to place those video ads, YuMe, a broadband video advertising network, should be on your list. With over 400 premium video sites on tap and 120 million unique visitors a month, it’s the largest of its kind, and includes NBC, BitTorrent, and Microsoft among its providers. YuMe was designed exclusively to monetize and track video content. Advertisers can choose by programming verticals (like entertainment, lifestyle, news, music, and sports,) or target audiences based on geography or content popularity. And regardless of the delivery platform (streaming, download, mobile), YuMe provides real-time monitoring and analytics, so there’s no guesswork involved when measuring the success of your campaign.

Video ad production and placement doesn’t take a ton of money. Are your old notions standing in the way?

To date, the greatest hurdle for video advertising has been the inability to measure results. YuMe just rolled out an AdMe dashboard tool for private beta, which showcases delivery and fulfillment results across multiple campaigns.

Traditional TV commercials have taken a hit as a post-Tivo culture demands more creative advertising mechanisms. With a variety of ad types, including pre-roll, interactive overlay, and branded content and players, YuMe offers an old dog doing some new tricks.


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