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Posted by tom klein June 6, 2008

Anyone who sells anything from croissants to chemicals knows the painful truth of so many product-focused businesses. You end up giving away a lot of services for free.

Now, no matter the size of your business, you have an easy tool for selling your knowledge with MindBites. Here’s how it works. Sign up to become an author, create your short video, upload it, promote it, and then, ideally wait for your viewers to show up. Every time someone views your video, you earn $1. Viewers pay between 1.69 and $1.99 to purchase your small video. It’s early going in the sale of video content, so you’re not likely to make a fortune.

If you or your brand already have significant star power, let this serve as an example that you can apply in a site of your own. In any case, no matter what business you’re in, think about how you might be able to monetize all of the services that you currently offer for free.

When it comes to making this happen, here's the secret. Go buy a video camera. It's strange how so many companies have $2K laptops all over the place, but no one seems to have a decent video camera.

If your response to a question about making money for a service business, just think about a little computer company that figured it out ... IBM. What used to be given away is now sold as part of a consulting business. Don't underestimate your ability to get customers to pay for what you KNOW, not just what you make.



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  1. Google tried selling videos too but couldn't get it to work. tom klein posted on
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