Newton would be proud Upload and share short videos with Flickr

Posted by tom klein April 10, 2008

Digital cameras have been able to record short snippets of reasonably high quality video for years. The question has always been, what on earth to do with them.

Flickr video is a new service for premium Flickr account holders that lets you upload and share short video clips (no longer than 90 seconds). Short, yes, but certainly enough time to demo your products or include a video testimonial on your site. If you want to get fancy, you could even add a little music and a nice introduction- a handy feature that Flickr includes.

What’s really nice about Flickr’s video integration is that it lets you organize your photos and videos in one premium service. The service treats videos like “long photos”- they appear beside photos on your Flickr page and can be embedded in your website or blog. Flickr videos can show up on RSS Feeds and photostreams too. Start recording – not just snapping.

Developers can utilize Flickr as the underlying platform for media-rich sites that need to incorporate both photo and video content. If you want an easy way to integrate a video and image gallery in a site, this new capability can help you bring everything together.

Flickr has a die-hard following and is regarded as one of the best online photo sharing applications (it’s part of that purple-loving company named Yahoo!). Loyalty to the true photo-enthusiasts and improving user experience is their driving force here- not taking on video giant, Google’s You Tube.


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