More talky than wriggly Publish a video overview on your site with Bubbleguru

Posted by tom klein February 26, 2008

We’re all time starved. Just about anything that’s more complicated than a Hot Pocket requires an elevator speech. Even your website.

Why not use a video bubble from Bubbleguru to give your site’s visitors the quick and dirty overview. Or, even better, just to hit your key selling points even harder. It’s so easy that we gave it a whirl. Sign up, create your video (using your videocam), choose a few options (such as bubble sound or no), generate the code, load it up and off you go. The hard part is figuring out what to say and how to look good. As we all know, lighting is everything. You can add these bubbles where you need them, or just one for an intro overview. Here’s another example with a custom bubble.

Adding a bubble starts at $4 a month (less than a double latte) and will likely improve your conversion. Their 14-day free trial is long enough to learn if it works without paying a dime. Get going.

Like a real bubble, these little videos float over your content so you don’t really have to worry about anything fitting in. Also, the bubble moves with you as you scroll, so there’s no risk of being left behind.

Not only is it easier to explain things in person, it’s also what we’re all programmed to pay attention to. This is one way to guarantee that every visitor to your site will receive a clear message about what you do and why you’re different in a compelling way.


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