Ready for this jelly? Make a one-click screencast and promote it through Twitter with Screenjelly

Posted by maggie.hunsucker July 13, 2009

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In Toast of the Town, we discussed how to promote your products and improve customer experience with screencasts. Now the makers of ScreenToaster have come out with Screenjelly, a pared down version of the original offering. With Screenjelly, you can quickly and easily record up to 3 minutes of video and audio from a simple, one-click interface. Screenjelly is a browser-based application, so no need to download or install anything. One button – that’s it.

The real selling feature of this service is the viral capabilities. Screenjelly comes with a built-in Twitter feature. Once you’re finished recording your screencast, you can quickly tweet it to your entire Twitter network. If you’re maintaining a company Twitter account, imagine promoting mini videos for product updates (e.g. like we did here when we integrated DocStoc with Lizzer) or walking customers through a sign-up process for a contest or event.

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Screenjelly is free, so you don’t need to sign up or pay a fee. Just login with your Twitter account to tweet your video. And if you’re not into the Twitter hype, you can share your video via email or different social sites like Facebook, Digg, Delicious, etc. Like Twitter, these options are available directly from the recording interface.

Although Twitter is a simple 140 character blogging platform, there are a number of services (, Twitpic, etc) that can help you share lengthy urls, pictures, and videos.

Screenjelly is designed to quickly and effortlessly disseminate information online, information that can easily be lost in translation or requires a bird's eye view to understand. If you're looking to create a more lengthy and polished tutorial, stick with the original ScreetToaster.


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