Make a long story short Break lengthy internet videos into ordered chapters with Veotag

Posted by tom klein June 7, 2007

Few if any customers want to watch an hour long video. Conversely, it’s terribly difficult to edit a thoughtful presentation down to 2 minutes – and still have something meaningful left to share.

With Veotag, you can break any length video into chapters accessed by a scene index and description (similar to that of a DVD movie). No matter how long a video is, your customer can jump right to what matters most. Even better, you can link them directly to these video chapters. As you’ll see in these examples by Better Business Bureau and high tech gadfly Guy Kawasaki, your long video content is no longer destined to languish in the can.

We all know that long video content can sell, it’s just been too difficult to manage on the web. From old ads to old conference presentations, now’s the time to see what’s in your video library and put it to work on your site (and in the search engines!).

The content that you've veotagged can be uploaded to a website in hours and then posted directly on your own website. Consider expanding your search keywords to direct search engine users to specific video chapters.

Now’s your chance to think like a political operative – in sound bites. With your video content freed from its old confines, you can identify the sound bites that sum up your brand’s benefits. Then put them wherever they will work for you – online, in an email tagline, anywhere a link can go.


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