Want to rule the world? Launch your video to multiple sites and track performance with TubeMogul

Posted by tom klein August 18, 2008

While we all know that YouTube is the big dog in online video, it’s not the only member of the pack.

Thanks to TubeMogul, launching and tracking a video marketing campaign to multiple sites at the same time can be both feasible and easy. TubeMogul gives publishers a single platform for mass video distribution to all the top media sites. Upload (up to) 12 sites at once, including YouTube, Google Video, Myspace, AOL, Vimeo, and more. Then, monitor when, where, and how often a video is played through your TubeMogul dashboard.

Need more in depth analysis? With TubeMogul, personal analytics, as well as, industry research and trends come standard. Track performance and viewership levels for all your campaigns or gather intelligence on competing publishers to see where you stand. Look at the industry through a larger lens with TubeMogul Industry Analysis reports. Topics range from the top video sharing sites to the success and pitfalls of monetizing online video content.

Both the TubeMogul platform and the supporting data are free. So, whether you’ve got content locked (but not loaded) or looking to experiment with video marketing, TubeMogul offers a great jumping off point.

TubeMogul aggregates data across their entire network to create their custom industry reports. Whether you use the platform or not, create a free TubeMogul account and gain access to these reports and data or receive a monthly email with the latest reports available.

There is no mystery here- TubeMogul is capitalizing on a weakness in the video sharing industry. By providing performance data for your personal videos, regardless of the hosting site, publishers and marketers can improve their results and gain a better understanding of their audience.


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