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Posted by tom klein February 13, 2008

When you’re thinking about placing display ads on a site to reach your targeted user, do you really think that a static image will break through the clutter?

Explore the dynamic display ads available from PointRoll accessible through its development tool named AdPortal
. AdPortal lets you load your graphics into many dynamic display formats, specifying panel movements and adding optional interactive features. Then, you can place your ads by selecting any combination of sites, sections and positions from nearly any publisher and assigning your ad to the campaign. While developing a display ad probably will require the help of a web designer, keep in mind that not all display ads are created equal. What’s important here is that there’s really no limit to what a display ad can do. It can even swim across the page as you’ll see in the opening screen of the Georgia Aquarium.

There’s no reason to stick with vanilla when you can have just about any flavor you can imagine.

You can learn a ton just by looking at what other people are doing. You can get more than your fair share of display inspiration by visiting this company’s client showcase, filled with dynamic display ads.

Keep in mind that these display ads capture click throughs, but can also gather other interaction information - not to mention capturing viewers email addresses or just about anything else that a web page can.


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