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Posted by tom klein December 3, 2007

In the old days (and probably frequently still today), it wasn’t unusual at all to come across an interesting or relevant article and then fax it to an important customer.

Now you can go several steps further. You can annotate web-based articles or websites with video using Eyejot this! With this service, you record a video directly (no uploads), using your videocam (now included with new laptops / desktops). Indicate the URL of the web page in the form when it’s presented. Then, send the email. When your recipient clicks the attached link, he/she will find your video in a frame, on top of the web page you indicated (see this example).

Now you can send a video annotation to any web page you come across. There’s nothing better than letting your best customers know that you’re thinking of them.

There are some important technology ingredients that have come together to make it so much easier to record and send videos such as these - the broad installed base of browsers with Flash, the increased penetration of videocams, and of course high speed internet access.

We all know that video is more compelling than text, but we still send so many more text emails than we do video messages. Also, text messages don’t communicate tone or personality. Here’s your chance to set yourself and your brand apart by sending easy to record video.


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