Bringing sexy back Enliven your video with YouTube Video Annotations

Posted by tom klein August 20, 2008

Online video is not the same as TV. It can be much, much more.

One way to make it more is to use a tool like YouTube Video Annotations to add interactive elements to video content. You can jazz up your movies with commentary bubbles, background information, and links to other videos or sites.

To get started, login to your YouTube account or create one (it’s free). Start playing your video and locate the annotations menu on the right side. Choose the appropriate button – speech bubble, note, or spotlight – and activate a pop-up editing screen. Type your text, then simply drag-and-drop the annotation on your video. YouTube provides simple editing tools to fine-tune the timing on your annotations or delete extraneous annotations all together. When finished, save and publish your creation as you would any other YouTube video. Check out this example to see Annotations in action:

Smart marketers have learned to utilize video as a selling tool, often putting real customers and brand enthusiasts in the spotlight. Here is an opportunity to strengthen that message and add an exciting interactive element to your video content.

Videos with Annotations play as the default, but users who prefer their video the old fashioned way can turn them off by simply pushing a button in the player menu.

For every compelling video on a website, there seems to be one that should have never made the cut. Dry speeches, long run times, and poor video quality often ruin the experience. Unless you have the time and money to invest in post-editing, tools like Annotations are your best bet to elevate your video content above the mundane.


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