Do you see what I see? Integrate the web into selling presentation with Jing

Posted by tom klein August 21, 2007

We’ve all been there. Hit the space bar or arrow key to move to the next slide. MS Powerpoint has turned everyone into a monkey. Even worse, it forces you to stay on your desktop, when so much rich data and content exists right out there on the web. The big question, why try to copy and paste web pages into Powerpoint, when it makes so much more sense to integrate the web into your selling presentations.Jing might be able to come to the rescue. It makes it easy to integrate anything you can access from your desktop into a selling presentation. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you identify what you want to record, then you’re off to the races. Hit the record button to start recording, then do just about anything, then hit the stop button. It’s free and doesn’t really need instructions (but here they are).

You can show a powerpoint, surf over to the web, play a video, and even have music in the background as you give your most compelling selling story. What’s not to like here?

Your Jing videos or screen captures are hosted on, which is providing a complimentary account to all users. Users have 200MB of space for storing screenshots and screencasts and 1 GB of bandwidth that renews monthly. Note that the language on the site indicates that it might not be available (or free) forever.

Want to show how your product’s better than a competitors? Want to show your customer how to use your software? Remember that improvements in a selling presentation have a multiplier effect. A slick, web or video enabled presentation can make even your least experienced sales person show up like a pro.


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