Toon time Create and share short cartoons with Minivid

Posted by tom klein July 1, 2008

How can you capture some of the magic of animation without blowing a big hole in your budget?

Minivid is a simple animation solution that lets you create custom cartoon shorts and share them with the world. The site provides a demo for using all the features, but the drag-and drop functionality of this application makes it a snap to create and edit animations in minutes. Fuzzwich has preloaded Minivid with a stable of playful “actors”, multi-layer backgrounds, and music selections. Hit record and position your actors on screen by dragging them with your mouse. Add comment bubbles or choose from each actors available actions menu. For example, the ninja can throw a ninja star or use his sword; another character can grow a beard. You can even change the the scale of the actors or the timing of events by pausing your animation and manipulating all the ingredients in the editing bar.

Check out this nifty little animation we created on the fly:

Fuzzwich publishes and hosts all your animations on their site; animators are given a free portfolio space, where you can share your animations, launch mini cartoon campaigns, or embed your animations in your website or social media site (like Facebook or Myspace).

If you are looking to add something fun to your site or need a free tool for creating branded animations, check out Minivid. Though we warn you, be prepared to lose countless hours playing with this application.

Fuzzwich has another animation product in private beta, called Animator. Animator promises the same intuitive web-based interface, with more complex animation capabilities like organic motion, camera and depth effects, and web-cam integration.

Fuzzwich just unveiled a point system that lets animators earn points for referring friends or receiving approval from the community. Points can be exchanged for additional actors and admittance into private beta groups (see tech morsel).



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  1. hmm.. havent they been around for like 2 years or something? sonofsteppe posted on
  2. I think we've been around for 1 year and 1 month. But who's counting...really ;) Thanks for the really well-done write up and glad you enjoyed Fuzzwich! If anybody has any questions or suggestions or random comments, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] Enjoy! Ryan posted on
  3. Also, for those of you that might be interested in putting a fully branded version of Minivid on your own site (with your own characters, backgrounds, etc.), you can contact me directly. Thanks for the great write-up Tom! Chris Patton chris (at) chris patton posted on
  4. Hey dudes, we're not TechCrunch. Feed growth! helps marketers find resources that they can put to use RIGHT NOW. In other words, our objective is to cover technologies that have been available for a while, but still haven't really reached the mainstream marketing market. Keep the comments coming. tom klein posted on
  5. [...] news with Tweet Beep Come and get it Convert your blog posts into Twitter tweets with Twitterfeed Toon time Create and share short cartoons with Minivid Nibbly bits Sell your services as short videos with [...] The Top 100 Digital Marketing Ideas for 2009 | feed growth! posted on

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