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Posted by maggie.hunsucker April 30, 2009

picture-13You’ve heard the story, right? A blogger happens upon a great, but relatively unknown product and gives a glowing review.  Other blogs pick up on it and do the same, and overnight, the product becomes a viral sensation.

So how do you replicate this type of success with your product or brand?  Try using (or even creating your own) service like My Blog Spark.   My Blog Spark was developed by General Mills as a platform for connecting bloggers and brands.  In exchange for information about your products (and the occasional giveaway or coupon), the service matches you with a blogger of similar interest who will review or talk about your product.  No money exchanges hands, in fact, there are no promises that your product will be reviewed favorably – My Blog Spark just facilitates the connection.

If you’ve ever tried to launch a viral campaign, then you know that getting the attention of bloggers and influential consumers is half the battle.


There is a lengthy sign-up process to become a participating blogger or brand, but the idea is to match your products with the right bloggers – those who talk about similar things and are read by your target demographic.  Categories include food and beverage, beauty, home, electronics, health and automotive, but My Blog Spark also looks at at blog’s traffic, their Technorati ranking, and just how social they really are.

Word travels fast online, but no one really knows what will spark the next big brand conversation .  You could venture out on your own, contacting individual blogs, leaving comments, hitting social networks, OR your could use a viral matchmaker like My Blog Spark to get people talking.

My Blog Spark requires bloggers to identify their connection to My Blog Spark and the brand they are highlighting when they review a product. They also let the blogger administer any promotions or product giveaways. This ensures that the product reviews and giveaways are transparent and big brands aren't manipulating the situation.

My Blog Spark, given its lineage, has partnerships with several big brands, including Cheerios, Macaroni Grill, Yoplait, and RainX. Check out this Fruit Roll-up Promotion featured on a participating My Blog Spark blog.


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