Comment allez-vous? Enable video comments for blog readers with Seesmic

Posted by tom klein May 5, 2008

We’re all used to reading text comments, but sometimes video can say a lot more. Up until now, adding video to blog comments has been almost impossible.

With Seesmic’s new WordPress blog plugin, now it’s easy. Click on the regular comments tab (found at the bottom of your blog post) and choose the video option from the drop down menu. Simply click the red recording button or the enter key to start/stop the recording. Then, save, title, and post, and ta-dah you have engaging reader content on your site, with no effort on your part or added expense. With up to 5 minutes of recording space, the floor is open.

And you never know, a customer might actually say something nice about your brand that you can reuse as a testimonial. You won’t know until you let them speak.

Bloggers can moderate Seesmic video comments like regular text comments. With the ability to accept anonymous video, this is a handy feature for those who fear what the freedom of user-generated content brings.

When it comes to gathering comments, you want to make sure that you’re providing as many options as possible. Younger blog readers are accustomed to built-in video cameras in their computers and smart phones, and YouTube-style video content.


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