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Posted by tom klein August 23, 2007

So many companies invest big chunks of their marketing budget in events -concerts, sports, NASCAR, award shows – you name the event and somebody is sponsoring it in the hope that it will help them sell something. The big problem with every event is the fact that it’s almost impossible to have the media cover every aspect.So, if the local TV station won’t come to your PR event, what do you do?

With Pickle, you can cover just about any event on your own – live with a slight delay, via PDA/cellphone. If you have an event, you set up a Pickle channel in advance, embed that channel in a website (or your blog, myspace page, etc), and then broadcast to that channel directly by sending an email to a special email address. It’s an almost no-cost way to get video content of an event onto a website for anyone to see within seconds of it happening.

You can set your channel to have any level of privacy you want – from password protected to open to anyone. The next time you have a big event, why not arm your team with cell phones and the email address of your Pickle channel so they can cover all of the pieces that the media miss. Don’t you need to get more mileage out of your expensive sponsorship?

Unlike many sites, Pickle was built with both video and photos in mind. Users can send regular photos to a channel using the same special email address used for video. Pickle supports almost all standard photo and video formats.

How many times have you sent your marketing and sales team to an event and not even gotten an interesting report back. With Pickle, say with a channel on your site, anyone from your company (with the special email) cancover the event by submitting videos and photos . . . as the event happens.


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