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Posted by tom klein July 16, 2007

Everyone knows that people are skipping TV ads by using TIVO or some other brand of DVR. Online videos, like the ones carried on the New York Times video page, try to get around this problem by making you watch an ad before rolling the content. That doesn’t work because so many people will just click away. What’s the answer?

A solution like lets you place ads on videos that are guaranteed to be seen and guaranteed to be relevant. The system analyzes an online video for meta-data (classification tags that have been embedded in the file that viewers can’t see), and also uses speech recognition to figure out what the video is all about. In this page of demos, you will see how the system will serve up a text ad related to what is happening or what is said on the video.

But wait. . . there’s more! Since this is the web, the system measures how viewers are responding to ads. If viewers respond favorably to certain product ads by clicking on them, for instance, it may serve up more of those ads. Imagine that – ads that are actually related to the content. Do you know where your online ads are?

While video advertising will be less than $1 billion in 2007, it’s anticipated to grow to $4 billion by 2011. In any case, it’s going to grow - a lot. Intelligent advertising placement (note we didn’t say intelligent ads), represent the future. Eventually consumer demand (who clicks on what ads and when) will replace the current model (and hopefully address the gauntlet of pharma ads that dominate the evening news).

If you’re a publisher, consider how you might integrate advertising throughout even very long video content. Many viewers would like to have an easy place to buy something that’s being reviewed or highlighted on the show (from movies to Emeril’s pots and pans to just about anything). Advertisers should consider where they might find relevant content to run along.


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