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Posted by maggie.hunsucker August 3, 2009


A YouTube channel is one of the easiest ways to brand your video content (e.g.   Not to mention, it makes sense to have a single hub for video activity where you can send clients, customers, and brand enthusiasts.

YouTube is letting you put a bit more “you” into your channel by unveiling customizable page layouts.  On top of the new wide-screen format, the upgrade allows novice web designers like myself control over settings, themes, and modules.  Translation:  You can change colors and upload background images, as well as edit the order and appearance of the modules on your page (i.e. Recent Activity, Comments, or Favorites).  Edits are done in-channel, which means you can make alterations directly on the page and see the changes immediately.  Nothing is permanent until you click the save button.

When you log into your YouTube channel, you’ll see a little tab in the left corner, prompting you to upgrade.   You can always revert back to the old design if you miss the layout.   Each module will display an edit button, though the majority of changes will be done from the Edit Channel tabs at the top of your page.   If you’re adding a background image, a word of caution – choose your artwork wisely.  The on-page modules will more than likely interrupt your artwork, and it will take some practice, if not the hand of a skilled designer, to get right.   Resist the temptation to give up and use the “repeat background” option as it yields that classic (but not classy) tiled website background, circa 1997.

Picture 4

Other than that, changing up the look of your YouTube channel is a quick and easy task. I can choose colors, fonts, and artwork that align with my branding, so visitors know when they arrive at my channel that this is the company, product, or video content they are looking for (and not the latest Beyonce imitation or “animals doing zany things” video).

One way to overcome the background image issue is to play with the transparency levels of the different modules and wrappers. Check out this example from the Discovery Channel (FYI It's Shark Week!).

According to the YouTube Channels Beta blog - yes, they came out with blog just for this design update - you can now add a full range of ads from your Ad Partners to your YouTube channel page.


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