Lilliput attacks! Add a virtual spokesperson to your site with Rovion’s InPerson

Posted by tom klein August 27, 2008

Considering how complicated some websites can become and the short attention spans of visitors, it’s only natural to think about providing a guided tour of your “property.”

With Rovion’s InPerson, you can add a “virtual host” to your website, providing an engaging, rich media experience for your visitors. We’ve covered similar products (see We the people… ), but InPerson builds upon the concept and refines it. With InPerson, you can be the virtual host or choose an actor or spokesperson connected with your brand, like this example featuring Emeril Lagasse on the Barnes & Noble website. Your virtual host plays on top of your content and can easily be paused, muted, or deleted by clicking on the actor. Virtual hosts can greet visitors, show them how to navigate your site, or inform them of special offers and promotions.

There is no need to alter your website code or content with InPerson or even download a special media player. The platform works on all browsers and automatically detects user bandwidth, ensuring that videos play smoothly and consistently throughout the virtual host’s presentation and never slows down your site’s load time.

InPerson counts AOL, Fox Interactive, and a host of big names as their clients. Are your site visitors in need of a little guidance?

Your virtual host is more than a pretty face. You can get a full range of user metrics and reporting for your virtual host and monitor the effectiveness of your overall web-based marketing campaign.

The idea here is you can't literally be on your site, pointing visitors in the right direction, but you can provide an interactive (and sometimes alluring) tool that nudges them to the content and sections of your site you want them to pay attention to.


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  1. I utilized Rovion several years ago when the technology was brand new. We filmed Kyle Petty "walking onto" each web page on a site produced for a high-energy non-profit fundraiser. This worked extremely well since we used it as a tie-in with a well-known personality! David posted on

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