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Posted by tom klein July 20, 2007

It’s just not possible to research everything before you put it in front of your customers. When it comes to getting a quick reaction to something, there’s usually not many options between formal data gathering and “mother-in-law” research (just asking colleagues, family, or friends).

Consider Vizu as a new option for getting a quick read on just about any topic. It’s a research service that can syndicate a simple poll to over a 1000 different websites. In addition, the system automatically runs a series of demographic questions to gain insight into the audience of each participating site. So, when they present the results of your poll, they can also provide some demographic info as well. As you’ll see in these poll samples, you can also integrate graphics into your poll. This might be handy when it comes to evaluating any visual item (see these Vizu case studies).

Prices start at $99 for a standard poll that delivers 100 responses within 6 to 24 hours. While it’s not the kind of tool that should drive strategic decisions, it can give you some new data to draw upon when you’re really just looking to fine tune a tactic.

What’s appealing about this service is the ability to put your polling question on the sites of others. In this way, you or your brand can stay "blind" but you can gather some topline or directional perspective. Another piece of potential insight? What users of which sites find your poll interesting enough to complete?

Get creative when it comes to creating a one question poll like this.  Remember that no one reads (or wants to read) much of anything.  Use easy to understand images or icons to get your idea across quickly.


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