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Posted by maggie.hunsucker April 3, 2009


Design is a collaborative process with many iterations and a lot of back and forth between the client and designer.  The process is further complicated by the fact most conversations take place over the phone or through email.

One way to get the visual feedback you need is to use a revision tool like RedMark.   Clients can mark-up creative (image, documents, whatever) through a simple point-and-type interface, and RedMark automatically sends feedback to the designer.   The process continues as the designer uploads new versions, and all revisions and conversations are easily accessible through the web-based system.   The benefit is obvious here.   Beyond an initial meeting, designers and clients are rarely in the same room together.  Clients can quickly and demonstratively identify creative elements that need to be fixed.  Also, we’re talking about a fairly straight-forward tool, so technophobes can use RedMark with no instruction needed.  There is less chance of feedback being lost in translation – or lost somewhere in the designer’s inbox.


RedMark is a free service, but it is in private beta.  However, 50…scratch that, we had to demo the product ourselves…49 of our lucky feed growth! readers can use RedMark with the following invitation code:  AZ0103.  Enjoy and leave us a comment, letting us know how you use Redmark!

Redmark might appear to be a Flash application, but it actually utilizes JQuery, a JavaScript library. JavaScript can be ported into widgets, opening up the possibility for Redmark to integrate with popular project management applications.

Even if you aren't a designer, the ability to annotate and collaborate on documents, as well archive these conversations, can be utilized for a variety of things. Marketers are frequently asked for their input on design decisions like product packaging or advertising copy.


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