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Posted by tom klein September 25, 2007

Want to give your customers something interesting to read on long elevator rides when they don’t want to look at their shoes and want to feel important?

You can easily make your company’s blog available on most any phone, using Feedm8. Let’s use a slightly demented but occasionally interesting digital marketing site we know of as an example. Enter your blog/site in this signup form, make the ceremonial offering of your email address, and then you’re presented with options to promote the cell phone friendly version of your site.

As we described in Kiss the Problem, when you give users code for putting content into a site, it’s more likely to get use. In this example, by simply copying and pasting the HTML this service provides, you can create a handy service and make sure your content gets read.

Your customers or prospects who come to your site can see a simple link, maybe one that says Read on Mobile. Alternatively, you can just put in a nice button (try it!) :

Now, when they’re looking for something interesting to read, your customers will find your site on their phone in an easy to read format. Don’t they deserve a mobile version from you?

This service is made possible by the letters R, S, and S. This simple syndication makes it easy to take content from a website and do just about anything with it. And, pay close attention. The reason this is all free for you? Yes - it’s advertising. This service adds an ad wherever they put your feed. Look closely one more time at what shows up on your reader’s phone.

While this service doesn’t divulge much in the way of traffic numbers, this is no doubt going to be a popular way to take all of that effort that went into creating web based content and move it to the next frontier. It might be a good idea to go ahead and start advertising.


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