Put that in your pipe Generate free, custom web content for your site with Yahoo! Pipes

Posted by tom klein June 22, 2007

Generating interesting and relevant web site content could be a full time job, no matter what business you’re in. Did you know that you can automate a big portion of it?

Yahoo! Pipes lets you create a mashup, bringing together your favorite web services (RSS feeds, custom search results). The Barrel of aapl “pipe” combines multiple news sources (RSS feeds from all major Apple related sites and blogs), eliminates duplicates and serves up the result as a custom feed. It’s relatively simple to put an RSS feed (no matter where they’re from) on your own site. While it’s easy to kill time following the iPhone, this approach would be a great way for you to pull together all of the relevant and new information about your brand or category and serve it to your site visitors.

If you’re struggling to find good content, configuring Yahoo! Pipes is easier than you think. It’s free, easy to use, and generates unique content for your site.

Yahoo! Pipes gives you a visual model to work with, making it easier for a non-technical person to design and program. Why don't you try right now to make your own pipe (you can do it in under 5 minutes). There's no substitute for rolling up your sleeves and digging in.

You will need to be careful when sourcing content for your site. You wouldn't want off-strategy or negative information landing at the top of your About Us page. For brand specific sites, it may be more productive and less risky to focus on gathering category related information (e.g., about cookies, not Oreo's).


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