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Posted by tom klein March 10, 2008

Remember the lowly trading card? If you were a baseball fan, it was a great way to keep up with players, statistics, and just stay connected to the game. Oh, and remember, they were for trading. I’ll give you this Thurman Munson for your Hank Aaron. Widgets are just like that, but they can live anywhere on the web.

Thanks to Clearspring’s widget ad network, sites like have figured out that these modern day trading cards (check out all of these NBA widgets) can help fans stay up to date . . . with just about anything – photo highlights, video highlights, statistics, standings, etc. No matter what you’re selling, it pays to think about how you might break up your site content and distribute it.

Also, by delivering both ads and widgets in one little package on sites like Facebook and MySpace, you’ll have the chance to make your widgets value go even further. Give it a try.

These ad-widgets use a peel-back feature that exposes the advertising that lies below your widget. Users just can’t resist looking behind that peeling flap . . . and your ads get exposed to everyone who’s interested in your widget.

There are so many interesting possibilities when you stop think of a web strategy as just what to do with your site. Face it, most people are going to spend more time off your site than on it. You will be much better off thinking of how to reach them when they’re doing what they’re already doing. Widgets are just one example.


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