Just for the taste of it Advertise with an IPTV widget like Coke Bubbles

Posted by tom klein December 13, 2007

As we discussed in Freshly Squeezed, Joost is a big player in internet based or IPTV. Once TV programming is available online, advertising options go well beyond the 15 second spot.

Just one example can be found in Coke Bubbles. This sponsored service lets users share Joost clips and send commentary through widgets known as bubble messages that carry the Coca-Cola brand. In the same way that you can send an e-card today, so can you use Coke Bubbles to send a snippet of any TV program on Joost. Now when consumers want to share a cool scene, they can, while also carrying your brand.

This is what happens when TV and the web get married – everything gets turned upside down. Try not to be a wallflower at the reception because these advertising opportunities won’t always be so easy or accessible.

Just like Facebook, Joost has embraced third party widgets that bring additional functionality and create an ecosystem that drives usage over time. This Coke widget is just the beginning, so stay tuned.

IPTV brings together the great entertainment (okay, well, sometimes great) of the TV with the trackability of the web. Don’t forget that what you learn online, may actually help you make creative decisions regarding what to run on traditional media.


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