It's a small world Find an offshore marketing partner with Odesk

Posted by tom klein January 4, 2008

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you know that there are low cost service providers offshore. However, while the price may be right, can you really rely on someone you’ve never met, thousands of miles away?

Odesk may be able to put your mind at ease. The online service connects you with web developers and designers across the globe. Here’s how it works. Create a profile, and then create a project description. Then you can either bid out your project or peruse the database for workers based on their abilities, work history, or prior client feedback (similar to the reviews on eBay). The system mediates the entire process, letting you engage and interact with qualified applicants / partners before you pull the trigger.

You can outsource the nuts and bolts of an entire project or complement your existing workforce with specialized talent on a project basis. What are you waiting for? Try it this year.

On top of the management of the deal, this system goes one step further. It provides real-time web cam monitoring and screen-captures so you can ensure that your work is done to your standards and on time.

At digital scientists, we use oDesk for our clients, so they get the best of both worlds - local market knowledge and management with long distance costs. Not everyone’s ready to stay up late to manage people several thousand miles away.


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