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Posted by tom klein May 25, 2007

The web isn’t just a place for your site. It carries information that can change the way people think about your brand.

A widget is a small desktop application that’s fed with information from the web. The VW Rabbit Widget displays free events in the major U.S. city of your choice. VW speaks to its targeted consumer on many levels when they implore you to “download and stay up to date on what’s cool and affordable in your city.”

Are you using the readily available information on the web to keep your customers engaged and interested in you?

The idea of a desktop application that is "fed" with information on the web has many names. Google calls them Gadgets, Microsoft calls them Gadgets, Apple and Yahoo! call them widgets. These applications are fed with information using RSS as we described in Bring it On. In most cases, they can be developed for a minor investment.

Widgets provide access to immediately relevant information. Even if you're not in the information business, you can always integrate valuable, relevant information with your brand (sports scores with beer, pollen count with allergy medicine). Think about what might appeal to your target while also syncing with your brands value proposition.


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