Scrubbing Bubbles Filter your personal news feeds with Google Reader-friendly Feedscrub

Posted by maggie.hunsucker January 14, 2009


If you’re a digital marketer (or just digitally obsessed), then you probably use an RSS feed aggregator to learn about what’s happening in your industry, follow your competitors, and just stay on top of the news. However, with no quality control and a tendency to become unruly if left to its own devices, aggregators can be too much of a good thing.

What’s a savvy news junkie to do? Try using a service called Feedscrub, which acts as a spam filter for your own RSS feeds. Unlike other RSS filters, which focus on negative keywords, Feedscrub observes your reading habits and actually learns what you like and don’t like. Content is nixed based on your personal interest level and removed from your feed stream (don’t worry, Feedscrub places all removed content in a junk feed that you can periodically check to make sure the filter isn’t being overzealous).

So how does it work? When you login, the service will prompt you to add new feeds to your account by entering the feed url (RSS and Atom formats supported). Feedscrub is limiting users to 3 feeds during their beta launch. Next, click on the “Train Filter” tab and meander down the individual news articles listed, choosing to save or scrub as you go. The closer the Filter Smartness indicator (located on the right) gets to 100%, the more accurate a handle the service has on your preferences.



Think of Feedscrub as Google Reader’s (or NewsGator’s) partner in crime. It’s designed to complement, not replace your current feed reader. This means, once you’ve trained Feedscrub, you can export your “scrubbed” feed list back into your reader. Simply click on the Google Reader or NewsGator button under your feed, and you’ll see that the feed appears now “Via Feedscrub” in your reader.


If you’re not using feeds to track your industry and your competitors, then you need to get with the times. Be sure to check out our RSS & Syndication Ideas.

Feed growth! is honored and delighted to offer our readers a special invite code to Feedscrub. Enter your email address and “feedgrowth” to gain immediate, and best of all, free access to this service. We only have 500, so it’s a first come-first serve basis.

Feedscrub will offer a Pro Account when the service is publicly launched. Not only will you be able to add and scrub unlimited feeds, but you can import your entire Google Reader feed via OPML file into the system for a thorough house cleaning.

Feed readers can be a gift and a curse. On one hand, you have the ability to consolidate all your favorite sites in a single, convenient location; on the other, if you subcribe to hundreds of feeds, it's like someone left the barn door open. For those who can only spare 5 minutes here and there, a supporting player like Feedscrub helps you get the content you need quickly and easily.


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