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Posted by tom klein July 16, 2008

Although the iPhone lets you surf the web with a regular browser, despite the hype, most of the world is not on a smartphone. It’s still a good idea to make your site mobile-friendly.

A service called Mofuse (short for mobile fusion) will create a mobile version of your website or blog in a matter of seconds. Technically, it’s an RSS feed with mobile-friendly packaging, but all your readers will notice is the fact that they can browse your site from their hand-held device. To get started, enter your url or RSS feed into the Mofuse mobilizer (found on their homepage). The system will generate a custom .mobi url (check out on your phone) and prompts you to create an account. Your new mobile site launches immediately and through your account administration panel, you can customize the design of your site, add your logo, or switch your mobile site to your own domain.

Mofuse already counts feed growth favorites!, ReadWriteWeb and Mashable, as users. The company recently discarded their old subscription-based business model to focus on developing a mobile advertising network, which they hope to release later this year. This means you get the Mofuse mobile platform for free, including site analytics and customer support.

It's not uncommon for readers to jump from their computer to their mobile and back again throughout the day. Mofuse has a built-in feature that lets you bookmark the full HTML url of an article, so you can continue reading after you put your hand-held down.

Marketers have been heralding the "Year of Mobile" for awhile now. Mofuse developers are hedging their bets (and their revenue) on mobile advertising to support their service. It doesn't really matter what year it is, there are some smart, low cost ideas like this one to get the ball rolling.


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