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Posted by tom klein September 11, 2007

Many new salespeople have to learn a simple rule. Ask for the business. In the same way, so many display ads perform poorly because they’re unclear, they’re either intrusive or fade into the background like wallpaper. Most of all, they don’t really ask for the business. Not anymore.

Just take a quick look at Tailgate, an e-commerce system that fits an entire transaction right in a display ad. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen. Yep, it’s a display ad. But, click on it and you can add an item to a shopping cart. Then enter your credit card number and close the deal (see this example).

Why make someone click over to a site when they can do a transaction right where they are. Time starvation knows no bounds. Don’t you think asking for the business more often will lead to . . . more business?

This novel display ad technology is made possible by Flash or Ajax technology. More importantly, this system doesn’t actually execute the transaction, but integrates with your existing e-commerce systems, ensuring a secure and accurate transaction.

The lesson here? You can syndicate any portion of your existing site to any place on the web. You’re not restricted to traditional notions of advertising. As with all advertising, focus on highlighting how you’re different in a compelling way.


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